About Us

Gospel Avenue Bible Church
Founded 2018
1501 South 6th St
Richmond, IN 47374

We are an Independent Church with strong convictions concerning the glory of God and Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  We are guided solely by the Holy Spirt and God’s sanctifying word. 

A Short testimony by Pastor Rick Galloway 
My wife and I formed this Church by the grace of God in 2018 solely for sharing what we have learned and received from God; which is salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord; evidenced by “joy unspeakable”, and a peace that “surpasses all understanding.
He not only saved us and restored our marriage to a state that is better than it had ever been: but He adopted us as His children forever into the heavenly kingdom of God. Hallelujah, AMEN!
Over the years we had heard and were taught many 1/2 truths and some outright lies, but through the Holy Spirit’s leading we kept seeking the truth and growing in grace and understanding of His Holy Word.
Before God saved us, my wife was a Buddhist and I was a self serving, unsaved, deceived, carnal (so called) Christian.
When we were struggling with the possibility of divorce, God interceded, thankfully, heard and answered my prayers.  We were both Born again, but ignorant of His saving word, the Holy Bible.
We started our journey at one local church and stayed for a short time. We felt led to move through different church denominations and we grew in our walk with the Lord.
We slowly began to grow, seeking God wherever we could. The church trail began at a Charismatic church, then we made the switch to a Baptist church, then non-denominational and later Methodist Holiness, and finally now, we have become convinced that the correct doctrine is that of the reformed Baptist, and the doctrines of grace.
Through the grace of God and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit, we kept seeking God and truth and absorbing everything we could like a sponge, none of our time was wasted.
It was all very educational, causing us to grow, stretching and challenging us. When we look back, we see clearly and with understanding, and have learned how to minister to those caught up in these other doctrines, and traditions of men with shallow religion.
Christian fellowship, movies, books, tv and radio evangelist, cds, dvds, and yes, social media, ie., FB, all drew us in and closer to God, while spurring us on to study the Bible more and more, including Bible and Church history.
We thank God for such a diverse an enriching education that only experience can bring and are grateful to all who helped us along the way.
We look forward to this new beginning God has placed before us.
We pray that we remain His humble servants and that He can use wretched, but saved, sinners as a vessel to share His Gospel, so that others may receive His blessings, grace, mercy and endless love!
“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
John 8:32